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Huangarua Olives, Martinborough, finest premium quality, award-winning olive oil. Fresh, vibrant peppery tasting oils.



We currently offer an 'Italian' blend incorporating Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino which tends to be green, grassy and with a strong peppery after-taste, and a second blend based on the Israeli Barnea cultivar pollinated by Manzanillo.  This produces a creamier, more rounded, fruity yellow oil that still manages to have some 'bite' and heaps of flavour.  Both are ideal cooking partners, whether it be with warming winter stews or rich pasta sauces or drizzling generously over fish, summer salads and puddings.  

Entering competitions and being judged against oils from all over New Zealand has been a way to demonstrate the consistent excellence of our product - but most importantly we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  

NZ $18 per 250ml bottle

Gold medal NZ National Competition
Bronze medal 2011 NZ National competition
Silver medal NZ National competition 2010
Silver medal 2011 NZ Gourmet oils competition
Bronze medal 2011 NZ Gourmet Oils Competition
silver medal 2009 NZ National competition
Bottles of award winning Huangarua Olives, Martinborough, fresh extra virgin olive oil

about us


We are a family run estate specialising in the production of the

finest quality, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.  Great taste, premium quality and a passion for all things olive is what drives us.  

After much clearing of almost every species of thistle and many weeds the grove was planted in 2005 in what used to be 'the bull run' alongside the Huangarua River just outside Martinborough. The soil here shares the same qualities that make Martinborough the internationally renowned wine growing region that it is.  We take the long-term view that one is only ever a care-taker of the land, that we have a responsibility to maintain and improve it whenever possible.  To that end we keep a close eye on the soil, its structure and its health, aiming to manage the grove in as natural a way as possible without being certified organic.

The grove has some 900 trees basking under the warm, clear

Wairarapa skies and generally produces two blends of very

different styles every year.  We hope to offer a selection of varietals as time allows and the grove matures. 

There is nothing better than fresh olive oil,
  it is without doubt "The Good Oil". 
olives martinborough premium oil


Fresh, vibrant, boutique oils that compliment the produce of this renowned agricultural area blessed with mineral-laden, good-draining soils and its own attractive and productive warm micro-climate.  Pinot noir, pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, riesling, syrah, wonderful beef, pork and lamb, a huge variety of cheeses, breads and of course delicious world class olive oil.  What a combination;

and now available via our new partners "We Love Local" and their                wonderful mini-hampers at 


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Huangarua Olives Martinborough

In an unceasing bid for premium quality we choose to harvest when the varieties we are planning to press this year are approximately 30% green, 30% red and 30% black.  No frosted or damaged olive makes the cut and the fruit is always delivered to the press in less than twelve hours.  This ensures a delicious mix of a bold fresh peppery taste, a green grassy fruitiness and a healthy yield of oil from the fruit.


Over the years that has resulted in many awards including Gold and 'Best in Class' at the New Zealand National EVOO awards 2011. 


To you our customers it means a delicious product backed up by our determination to offer the absolute best, at all times.  We welcome your feedback, please let us know what you think. 

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