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We currently only sell our oils in New Zealand.  Should you however wish to place a significant order for delivery overseas, get in touch - something can always be arranged.


Outlined below are the postage and packaging charges that apply.  These are calculated by weight and we use a variety of different courier services depending on the destination of the order.


 x 1No bottle     NZ$7.50 (both islands)

  x 2No bottles    NZ$7.50 (both islands)

 x 4No bottles    NZ$12.75 (NI)   NZ$ 17.75 (SI)

x 8No bottles    NZ$12.75 (NI)   NZ$17.75 (SI)

  x 12No bottles    NZ$24.00 (NI)   NZ$32.50 (SI)


Any larger quantities please enquire directly and arrangements will be made.   


In all cases, if sent by recorded delivery, we will e-mail you the reference number and date/time of dispatch of your order. 


If your olive oil does not reach you in premium condition please get in touch asp.  Let us know what the problem is and we will either replace or refund your order.  We may ask for photographic evidence and suggest supply of such would be sensible. 

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